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 St. Martin's Church, Crown Bank, Talke, Stoke-on-Trent, England.


St. Martin's Church from the East, Church Hall to the left.

The front door, seen from the West

Looking from the North East at the side chapel

St. Martin's 1841, no side chapel and a different tower!

Our happy throng!

St. Saviour's Church, demolished in 1972 ( see 'history' page )

Facing West, note stained glass window at the back .

Facing East, note oak figures and stained glass window ( see'history' page)

View from the balcony downstairs.

Stained glass window of St. Martin offering his cloak to a beggar

The stage of our Church Hall.

From the stage, enjoying tea/coffee ( we have to guess which! ) after a service.


























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