Wear Spiderman mask. See http://clipart-library.com/clipart/pTqrbg6gc.htm

Ask people who I am and what they know about Spiderman.

"Spider-Man" focuses on student Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a genetically-altered spider, gains superhuman strength and the spider-like ability to cling to any surface. He vows to use his abilities to fight crime, coming to understand the words of his beloved Uncle Ben: "With great power comes great responsibility."

One of the features of the film is, Will anyone who knows Peter realize that he is Spiderman?

When Jesus lived on earth, he went around helping people too. He fed the hungry, healed the sick, made the blind to see and the lame to walk. After Jesus healed someone, it was not unusual to hear someone in the crowd ask, "Who is this man?" Jesus heard people asking that question and he also heard the answers that people gave.

One day Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?"

The disciples answered, "Well, some think you are John the Baptist, others think you are Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets come back to life."

"But who do you say that I am?" Jesus asked.

Simon Peter spoke up and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

Jesus said, "You are absolutely right, Peter!"

Many people today do not know Jesus and cannot answer the question, "Who is this man?" People give many answers. Some say he was a great teacher. Others say he was a prophet or a great religious leader. The real answer to that question is the same answer that Peter gave when Jesus asked it. He is the Christ the Son of the living God.

Jesus said that Peter knew this because this had been revealed to him by God the Father. It is only when God reveals himself to us in Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit that we can truly understand who Jesus is. He takes the mask off so we can see that Jesus is more than just a man.

This blessing from God led Jesus to call Simon "Rocky" the meaning of the Greek word Petros. Jesus said that the church would be built on Peter, like a building is built on foundations. Jesus gave Peter and the disciples the keys to the kingdom of heaven, that is the power to share the good news of Jesus and bring people to God. With that power comes great responsibility.

We know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. In the power of the Spirit we can share that good news with others to bring them to know God through Jesus.

PRAY Jesus, we confess that you are Christ, the Son of the living God. The one in whose name we pray. Please lead us to help others to see you for who you truly are and to come into your kingdom. Amen.